Wednesday, September 07, 2011

PlugIn2God Focus of the Month: Witnessing

This month, we are talking about witnessing. 1 Corinthians 3:3 tells us that we are letters for Christ -- we help to spread His word and message of the gospel.

This is a new school year, and I think it is fit to make the following resolution: that we strive to be more like Christ, and in so doing, be His witnesses. Last month, we talked about prayer and having a working relationship with God. Others will see a change in us as we continue to improve in our relationship with God. This is being a witness.

You see, witnessing is not always about being in a foreign country or speaking out in your community. The best witness is the silent, but fruitful, life of a Christian. Why is that considered best? It is because anyone can do it. We all have the ability to be like Christ as long as we so will and move in His strength. If we can do simply that, taking up our cross daily, we can be a witness.

The "Give A Helping Hand" (GAHH) page tells you some more about being a witness. The subpages also feature links to different ministries that you can support. This month, we also return to the regular 1-month Bible Reading Plans. I am also requesting that a passage of Scripture be memorized by each (these passages are listed in the "Walk With God" section). I am memorizing Revelation 14:6-12 along with the rest of my family. This month, I will also be posting material / links that connect the previous months' studies with this month in order to aid you in your sharing project. I pray that this spirit of giving and sharing will pervade until the coming of Christ.

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