Thursday, June 15, 2017

Supporting a Dream

After one year of silence, I have the privilege of reviving my ministry by supporting the prospective ministry of another young person.

I remember when I was a junior in high school, marking out plans for my life. I would take my GED, complete my Certificate in Journalism - giving me enough time to turn 18 - and then go to ARISE Institute in Oregon. (My mom convinced me that I should get some medical missionary training, too.) I would be a Bible Worker and Freelance Writer. It would be a dream come true.

That dream did not quite come to fruition. I was penniless after my studies with UMass, and I was injured to boot (having painfully sprained both of my hands). After praying, I determined that God did not want me to go. I was fairly heartbroken but accepted His will.

In the course of time, I rediscovered another passion of mine in the field of education. I ended up moving to Oklahoma Academy to work as the Registrar. Thus I had the privilege of meeting Reise Campbell.

He was a senior. I remember being greatly intimidated by his stature when I met him on registration day. Cool and collected, he seemed like a veteran. In time I realized that though he knew the place, he had yet to know himself.

Through a series of bizarre events, two unlikely people - he, a mischievous, highly-opinionated, self-proclaimed rebel student; and me, a fairly quiet, also opinionated goodie-two-shoes junior staff - became close friends. Strange to humans, but entirely possible with God.

While we were on a canvassing trip in February, this dear friend of mine expressed a desire to do the very thing I had wanted to do: go to ARISE. As with me, the major obstacle was money.

I encouraged him to apply anyway. Despite the fact that he will turn 18 on graduation day, ARISE accepted him. Now, it is just a matter of getting him there.

Whenever someone wants to serve God and has the talent and prowess to do it, the enemy will assault that soul. He will pellet the most heinous temptations, the most attractive distractions, to pull down God's best soldiers. He has already tried.

But we should never let a wounded soldier die. Just as the Good Samaritan took up a stranger and paid all that was necessary for his good, so we can do the same thing. We can support "with our prayers and with our bounties" a young man who desires to know God and do a work for Him in spite of doubt and darkness.

Will you help my little brother - our little brother in Christ? Will you give of your means to support his education, his salvation, and the souls of many who may be won to God's kingdom by his service?

I encourage you to give today. If you can't give today, at least pass this along to those who can. Remember that when you sow beside all waters, God provides rich returns.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Absorb God's Word

Recently, I read this quote from "Spurgeon: Sermons on Proverbs" by Charles H. Spurgeon -

"He has asked the Spirit of God to make him acquainted with divine truth, so that he has not only read of it but he has communed with it, and now he lives upon it, eats it, drinks it, receives it into the inward parts of his soul, and retains it there as a living and incorruptible seed. Now a man who does this year after year is the kind of man who, by God's grace, will take fast-hold of instruction, and will prove a faithful witness for his Lord."