Operation: POP

Model Prayers in the Bible

     In Paul's second letter to Timothy, he tells his young friend what the Bible is good for: doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction, all unto righteousness (2 Tim. 3:16). In this day and age, it seems that everybody needs a crash course in prayer -- or perhaps a little more than a crash course. No, we need eternal instruction; we something that can be depended on and passed done from our generation to that of our children and grandchildren and so forth. 

     That is where God and His Word come into the picture. It is great to listen to songs and such that speak about prayer; and while some of those songs may be considered classics, they will not last forever. However, the book of Isaiah tells us that while the luscious green grass will die, and the brightly-colored flowers will fade, "the word of our God shall stand forever" (Isaiah 40:8).

    So when we do not know what to say, when we do not know how to pray, look to the eternal Book, whose Author is life, truth, and the way. 

Teach, me, Father, what to say
Teach me, Father, how to pray
Teach me all along the way
How to be like Jesus

("Like Jesus" by A. D. Ellington)