The Story Behind this Ministry

Name: Gabrielle Baker.
Me in July 2011

Profession: Seventh-Day Adventist Christian.

Age at Founding of PlugIn2God: 15 years old.

     Growing up in a very religious household, I came to know Jesus as my personal Saviour. I was baptized into the Seventh-Day Adventist Church at the age of nine. It was a Friday evening in 2004, New Year’s Eve. I had been taking baptismal classes, and I knew that this was what I wanted, what God wanted. I was dedicating my life to Him. 

     Since that time, I have had a burning desire for my peers and
associates to stay connected to God.  It seemed like everyone went to church just because their parents did, not because they actually wanted to be there. So first, I had a group called the Girls Bible Study Club (because, at that point in time, guys had “cooties”). Some time later, my brothers and I formed the K.I.D.S. Club, K.I.D.S. being an acronym for "King and Immanuel versus the Devil and Satan". The club was split into two groups: One for ages 9-12 called Bible Lifestyle for Tweens aka BLT; and the other for ages 4-8 called the Bible Investigators Club aka BIC (or B-I-C). Due to circumstances at the closing of 2009, the class had to be stopped.

     Being older and more observant, I realized that so little was being done for youth in the faith. It seemed that once once you passed the age of twelve, you're left to fend for yourself. That sickened me, and, in addition to other things, I became rather depressed. At that time, I was losing touch with God, and, in getting back in sync with Him, the topic of prayer interested me. However, I did not plan to make a religious site; but a close friend of mine suggested that I do, seen as how that is something I enjoy. As a result, the Power of Prayer (POP!) was born in August of 2009. I continually give thanks to God for His help and inspiration.

     The year 2010 was a crazy year for my family, and (I think) more for me. A lot of things had occurred in relation to church, and by the end of it all, I was not sure who to trust. During the latter half of my ninth grade year, I had practically gone every morning without doing my personal devotion or anything; and when summer came and more crazy things happened, I was totally lost. But I did not recognize my need to reconnect with God until September when my best friend and I disbanded. I realized that I had been depending on that person a great lot and that I needed to depend on God instead.

     I also realized that all of the situations that had taken place that year would have been avoided had everyone been connected to God. Through this realization, I created (with God's help and blessing) PlugIn2God Ministry. The aim of this ministry is to help the men and women of this generation meet the reality of their need for God, and support and guide them in their walk with Him.

     PlugIn2God is not only a fulfillment of my desire for my generation to be in sync with God, but also a reflection of my personal wish to be closer to Him. So far, I have been posting Bible verses and links and such on my Twitter Profile. The posts are varied by whatever theme is planned for that particular month or quarter: for instance, the focus of January 2011 was “Faithful Hearts in Foreign Places,” looking into the lives of Bible characters who were loyal to God despite not being in their homeland.

     Through this ministry and my other Bible study projects, I pray that many will be saved to God’s kingdom.

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