Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Spirit of Sacrifice

"The plan of salvation was laid in a sacrifice so broad and deep and high that it is immeasurable. Christ did not send His angels to this fallen world, while He remained in heaven; but He Himself went without the camp, bearing the reproach. He became a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; Himself took our infirmities, and bore our weaknesses. And the absence of self-denial in His professed followers, God regards as a denial of the Christian name. Those who profess to be one with Christ, and indulge their selfish desires for rich and expensive clothing, furniture, and food, are Christians only in name. To be a Christian is to be Christlike.
"And yet how true are the words of the apostle: 'For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.' Many Christians do not have works corresponding to the name they bear. They act as if they had never heard of the plan of redemption wrought out at infinite cost. The majority aim to make a name for themselves in the world; they adopt its forms and ceremonies, and live for the indulgence of self. They follow out their own purposes as eagerly as do the world, and thus they cut off their power to help in establishing the kingdom of God....
"The work of God, which should be going forward with tenfold its present strength and efficiency, is kept back, like a spring season held by the chilling blast of winter, because some of God’s professed people are appropriating to themselves the means that should be dedicated to His service. Because Christ’s self-sacrificing love is not interwoven in the life practices, the church is weak where it should be strong. By its own course it has put out its light, and robbed millions of the gospel of Christ....
      "How can those for whom Christ has sacrificed so much, continue to enjoy His gifts selfishly? His love and self-denial are without a parallel; and when this love enters into the experience of His followers, they will identify their interests with those of their Redeemer. Their work will be to build up the kingdom of Christ. They will consecrate themselves and their possessions to Him, and use both as His cause may require.
      "This is nothing more than Jesus expects of His followers. No individual who has before him so great an object as the salvation of souls will be at a loss to devise ways and means for denying self. This will be an individual work. All that it is in our power to bestow will flow into the Lord’s treasury, to be used for the proclamation of truth, that the message of Christ’s soon coming and the claims of His law may be sounded to all parts of the world. Missionaries must be sent out to do this work.
"The love of Jesus in the soul will be revealed in word and deed. The kingdom of Christ will be paramount. Self will be laid a willing sacrifice on the altar of God. Everyone who is truly united with Christ will feel the same love for souls that caused the Son of God to leave His royal throne, His high command, and for our sake become poor, that we through His poverty might be made rich."

The Review and Herald, October 13, 1896.

Monday, October 03, 2011

My Birthday Project -- The Results

     Last month (that being September 2011), I undertook a literature evangelism project for my sixteenth birthday. The goal was to collect Bibles, Steps to Christ booklets, and money for such same material; this literature would be sent overseas through any ministry who was willing to accommodate. I entered the project with a fiery passion, sharing through every means I had available to me.

     I must admit that I was easily discouraged. It seemed as though no one was responding. There were some who said that I was doing a good work: but they did not appear willing to aid me in that work. Only God can truly know why; I am most definitely not trying to speculate. In any case, the lack of donations of any sort really frustrated me, and I started to worry that the project would prove a failure. However, my parents encouraged me by saying that many of their associates were planning on giving donations. I really had to pray, though, because I was getting really anxious and distraught.

     In spite of all of that, I also feel obliged to say that God is good. No, seriously. In fact, He is better than good: He is absolutely the most wonderful Person in the whole universe. I love Him so much, He is just that great. God provided a way for me to obtain the following donations in the space of about one week:
  • 2 Bibles
  • 100 Steps to Christ booklets
  • A sum of money exceeding $500
     Like I said before, God is truly good. While I was stressed out because I began to think that I was way over my head, God had His own plan in motion. How great, how awesome is He! Great is Thy faithfulness, O God!


     I would like to thank all those who gave, whether it was books, money, prayers, or time. Your gracious kindness and giving heart is sincerely appreciated. As I promised, I am informing you of the destination of your heart-felt gifts. The ministries preciously considered are either unable to accept the donations in the form of literature, or they have not yet returned our inquiries. However, we were referred to Light Bearers Ministry ( by way of one of our inquiries. I have known of them before, but this ministry entirely slipped my mind when I was considering mediums for my project. They have been involved in literature evangelism for some time now and have sent God's message to many people around the globe as a result. Very happy am I to collaborate with them in God's work.

     I pray that this project will lead many persons to the light and life of God's love, and that I will someday meet them in the courts above.