Monday, October 03, 2011

My Birthday Project -- The Results

     Last month (that being September 2011), I undertook a literature evangelism project for my sixteenth birthday. The goal was to collect Bibles, Steps to Christ booklets, and money for such same material; this literature would be sent overseas through any ministry who was willing to accommodate. I entered the project with a fiery passion, sharing through every means I had available to me.

     I must admit that I was easily discouraged. It seemed as though no one was responding. There were some who said that I was doing a good work: but they did not appear willing to aid me in that work. Only God can truly know why; I am most definitely not trying to speculate. In any case, the lack of donations of any sort really frustrated me, and I started to worry that the project would prove a failure. However, my parents encouraged me by saying that many of their associates were planning on giving donations. I really had to pray, though, because I was getting really anxious and distraught.

     In spite of all of that, I also feel obliged to say that God is good. No, seriously. In fact, He is better than good: He is absolutely the most wonderful Person in the whole universe. I love Him so much, He is just that great. God provided a way for me to obtain the following donations in the space of about one week:
  • 2 Bibles
  • 100 Steps to Christ booklets
  • A sum of money exceeding $500
     Like I said before, God is truly good. While I was stressed out because I began to think that I was way over my head, God had His own plan in motion. How great, how awesome is He! Great is Thy faithfulness, O God!


     I would like to thank all those who gave, whether it was books, money, prayers, or time. Your gracious kindness and giving heart is sincerely appreciated. As I promised, I am informing you of the destination of your heart-felt gifts. The ministries preciously considered are either unable to accept the donations in the form of literature, or they have not yet returned our inquiries. However, we were referred to Light Bearers Ministry ( by way of one of our inquiries. I have known of them before, but this ministry entirely slipped my mind when I was considering mediums for my project. They have been involved in literature evangelism for some time now and have sent God's message to many people around the globe as a result. Very happy am I to collaborate with them in God's work.

     I pray that this project will lead many persons to the light and life of God's love, and that I will someday meet them in the courts above. 

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  1. I'm so happy that you were able to report that your project was so successful. I am sure that God will multiply your efforts many times over. Congratulations! May God continue to bless you and your efforts!


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