Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My Witnessing Pursuit

When I first began panning out the plans for PlugIn2God, I ended up with this month's topic --witnessing-- as scheduled for September. It is absolutely amazing to me how God always works things out. Back then, I was not at all thinking about my sixteenth birthday: but God was. And so, a few weeks before my birthday, He gave me a plan.

I was struggling with what to do for my sixteenth birthday. While I had initially resolved to be content with a Sabbath birthday (yes, the 17th is a Sabbath), I was beginning to doubt that that was enough. I kind of wanted to do something for my birthday; but my current social situation does not really lend itself to a party of any sort. So God inspired me to work on my Literature Evangelism honor for Pathfinders. You will see God's Providence here again. Earlier this summer, God assigned me four Pathfinder honors to work on this summer. This honor was one of them.

One of the requirements for this honor is to choose one of the seven literature evangelism projects listed. I, not being a people-person, chose the seven option which read as follows: "Make a project of sending literature and / or Bibles, determining where to send the material and packaging and sending the material." After a brief thought, I decided to make this my birthday project!

Yes, for my sixteenth birthday, I plan to collect Bibles and Steps to Christ booklets to send to the mission field.

This month we are focusing on witnessing: will you please have a heart? 

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