Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brief Biblical History on Dance

Dancing has a bit of a history. It is most often related to the worship of false gods, spiritualism (which is VERY different from spirituality), and, more commonly, sex (and yes, I said it). 

I do not believe that God had or has any issues with dancing, as there are several verses in HIS BOOK which point out that activity (Ecclesiastes 3:4; Psalm 30:11; Lamentations 5:15). By looking at these verses, and many more, dancing is a form of expressing great joy.
  • King David danced when the Ark of God was come back to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6:14-16)
  • Miriam danced when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea unharmed (Exodus 15:20)
  • Jepthath's daughter danced when her father returned from war (Judges 11:34)
  • the father of the prodigal son held a party with "music and dancing" (Luke 15:25)
Joy. Inexpressible joy. Overflowing joy. 

However, we also have dance in the Bible in relation to idol worship-- which God has commanded against in Exodus 20:2-6-- and sensuality... 
  • The Israelites danced and sang before the golden calf which Aaron had made (Exodus 32:6, 17-19)
  • The prophets of Baal danced before their altar at the contest on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:25-26)
  • God gives a parable, in which He relates idolatry to prostitution and lewdness (Ezekiel 23:49)
  • The dancing of the daughter of Herodias "pleased" Herod (Matt. 14:6-7; Mark 6:21-22)
  • Balaam told the king of Moab to lead the Israelites into idolatry and fornication (Revelation 2:14; Numbers 25:1-2)
Paul points out in Hebrews 13:4 (by the way, I think Paul wrote Hebrews... just saying) that sexual activities (the marriage bed) should be kept pure-- in other words, only in the context of marriage. Seeing that dancing is often seen in connection to sex, it should only occur in the context of marriage, correct? I feel that most Adventists, and Christians in general, are against dancing because it can lead to sexual sin (unless you are careful; but sometimes our "careful mindset" turns off when in the presence of that special someone). Within marriage, dancing is fine. But outside of that, it can be dangerous.

Check out these resources and decide for yourself...

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