Friday, January 09, 2015

A Duty to Report

In family worship, we have reading from the book of Ezekiel. There are a lot of deep and awesome truths found in that book, some of which unlock other controversies that we have yet to understand.

Throughout the coming weeks, I will write about the book of Ezekiel based on various points my family members bring out each night. I pray that you will blessed.

I learned something wonderful and interesting while reading Ezekiel 9. A job is not complete until it is reported to the one who commanded the work. Example: The man in linen is sent by God to complete a mission. When the mission was complete, the man in linen returns to God and reports the matter.

Now, my belief is that the man in linen is the Son of God based on Daniel 12:5-13. Here, the man in linen tells Daniel that he (Daniel) will stand in his lot at the latter days. In other words, Daniel will pass the judgment and be admitted into heaven at the end of time. Who else has the authority to say who is saved and who is lost but God Himself (Matthew 9:5-7)?

Revelation 10 also parallels with Daniel 12 (and thus Ezekiel 9). It pictures an angel - or messenger - who swears by Him Who liveth forever and ever - just like the man in Daniel 12. Does this have to be the Son of God, too? Consider that God often swears by His own name, because He can swear by none greater (see Genesis 22:16 and Hebrews 6:13).

So, having established that the man in linen is the Son of God, consider this: the Son of God, Who is fully God, Who has complete and equal authority with God the Father, reports a completed mission to His Father.

What an example for us!

When anyone gives us a task to complete, we should not only go to it right away (Ezekiel 9:7); not only should we do it thoroughly (Ecclesiastes 9:10); but we should also return to the commanding authority and let them know the status of the work.

Just think: that is a microcosm of the judgment. Learning to report here on earth prepares us to report to God when He returns. When He asks about our finances (Matthew 25:19), when He asks about our children, siblings, or friends (Jeremiah 13:20), when He asks about our relationship with Him (Matthew 7:23), we should be able to answer and say, "I have done as Thou hast commanded me."

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