Thursday, May 09, 2013

"And Begin At My Sanctuary..."

My new favorite statement. It is so powerful, and fills me with awe and wonder that God would be so serious about His people. What does it mean to be so close to God? It means that we will be the first ones who He examines before taking us to glory. And should we not be ready? Should we not afflict our souls that we may be found worthy of the bounties of heaven?

This little graphic depiction of Scriptures helped outline for me all of the parables that were going through my head. "And begin at my sanctuary..." My mind was flooded with different portions of Scripture; and here they all are for YOU. I believe that no Scripture is of any private interpretation. Is my parallel accurate? Are there any discrepancies? Does it match all the way across the Bible?

I pray that this work will be a result of God's Holy Spirit; and I also pray that this work will reach and touch your heart, and guide you into all truth.

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