Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Taste and See Smoothie" - Spinach Banana Cradle

Long time no see. =)

Because I have neglected this blog for so long, I decided I should treat you with something special. Green smoothie, anyone? I would argue that this smoothie is more of an introductory one: -- the flavor is pleasant and sweet, which is perfect for a child being introduced to this for the first time. The baby spinach does not assert its own flavor, so the banana is dominant. Diabetics will probably want to cut back on the amount of fruit that is in here. 

The Verdict: Delightfully mild and gently sweet. Easily assimilated and digested.

(To assimilate is "to take in; to absorb and integrate".)

Spinach Banana Cradle (Makes 5 twelve-ounce glasses)

1 cup of baby spinach
1 large carrot (at least half of a cup when chopped)
1.5 bananas (they were frozen -- they could be fresh or both)
1 small apple (about half of a cup when chopped)
1 six-ounce container of soy yogurt (we used WholeSoy's Mixed Berry Yogurt)
1/4 pumpkin seeds
Water to your liking (about 3-4 cups were used for the consistency above, which resembled a SlimFast smoothie).

Wash the vegetables and cut off the ends. Chop the carrot and apple for easier blending (optional). Blend till smooth (be sure to take the time to blend properly). Pour into glasses. Enjoy! =)

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