Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SEM Spelling Cards

This school year, my brothers and I are utilizing the curriculum created by Sonlight Education Ministry (SEM; http://sonlighteducation.com/). It is an absolutely AWESOME program; I simply love it. It is Bible-based, -centered, and -directed. It cannot be rivaled even by a non-Christian curriculum (personal opinion). It is entirely obvious that the creators were led by God while putting together this program.

At this time, they are out of business; but are working to put all of their material in a free-distribution format (PDFs, MP3s, etc.). That is actually how we obtained what we do have. They currently have three downloads available, and they are working on the fourth. Their catalogue ("Road Map and Route") outlines how the program works.

In any case, in the first download, you can find a book entitled "Spelling from the Scriptures"; it is basically the spelling book. This is where you can find the beautiful spelling card format used in the video below. I strongly encourage you to download and use the format for use in Sabbath School, Bible class, home school, or rainy day fun. It is awesome to research and learn what the Bible means and says to me personally. Whatever word or verse that I have a question about, I look it up. As an example, this morning during worship, my brothers asked about the verse that says "pray without ceasing" (1 Thess. 5:16). So I told them that for their schoolwork today, they would write a spelling card on either "pray" or "cease". Basic premise: do some research to answer your questions. =)

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