Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year, New Focus

I am probably the one millionth person to say this, but let's face the facts: it's a new year. We hear the same thing  every year, and yet each year, it's different. 

The year 2011 was PlugIn2God's first official year of operation. What a year it was! God was there at every step and turn, guiding the entire process. 

The opening theme for 2011 was "The Connection" in line with the mission of PlugIn2God --
To help young Christians stay connected to the ultimate power Source --Jesus Christ-- and become lightbearers for Him.
In order to have a close relationship with someone, we have to meet them first! That is what last year was all about -- connecting to God.


What about 2012? What are we focusing on this year? 


This year is introducing us to the written and the living Word of God -- the Bible and its Author. We will be digging deep into the Scriptures to see what messages God has for us, to know His will for our lives. This year will be split into four 90-day periods (or quarters), each featuring an in-depth study of the given topic. The topics for this year are listed on the official website for PlugIn2God Ministry in the "Get in Sync" section.

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