Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Do I Need?

I have been impressed to do a series of posts on the basic necessities of twenty-first century life. Why?  Because independent living means that doing all of that stuff on our own, we need to know exactly what to consider.
It is readily understood that we need to have some place to live. The question is, What are the options? Your final, long-term abode (most likely, a house) will take some time to construct. You would have to decide how you are going to handle your temporary housing. Here are some options:
  1. Stay where I am. This options says that I will (a) remain in my current residence; (b) pay two housing bills; (c) have someone else build my house; (d) possibly visit sometime in between.
  2. Rent closer to the building site. Basically, I am choosing to move twice. I (a) may or may not build my own house; (b) will be able to visit the site more regularly; (c) may be able to enjoy more rural life, whether because of my temp location or through friends. I also give myself the option to move part of the way through the building process.
  3. Buy land that has livable space. This has multiple sub-options. The "livable space" can be a cabin, a house, or a decently sized shed. The building may need to be fixed up to accommodate the persons intended to live there. I can (a) live there permanently if it works for my family; (b) live there temporarily while building. If I choose option "b", I understand the the residence only needs to meet basic needs, as it still requires funds and it will not be the final resting place.
  4. Rent a Recreational Vehicle (RV). If you find land that can support an RV, and you either own or are able to rent such a vehicle, then that is definitely an option. If you know of a friend close to your building site who has an RV site, then you have another option. Whether you intend to build new, or to fix up livable space, an RV is a great option. Just get it hooked up, and you are good!
"Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." 
~Psalm 127:1~

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