Saturday, August 27, 2011

PlugIn2God Focus of the Month: August

This month, PlugIn2God is focusing on prayer: its relevancy, its power, and its importance. These aspects and more will be covered in an effort to revitalize God's people by prompting them to connect with Him -- not just when we want to, not just when we need Him, but every step of the way.
As we look at prayer with the mindset that God wants to be our Friend, our Mentor, our Guide, we will feel more and more that prayer is not just a thing of the past, that it is not simply an emergency call system. It is conversing with God -- talking and listening -- as a friend.

PS: This month provided you and others with a four-part series on prayer (enough to last one month). While at the current moment of writing the series is not yet complete, it will be definitely by the end of September. I hope that you utilize and enjoy and share this resource!

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