Friday, June 03, 2011

You Are Royalty! (Conclusion)

I do not know about you but, as a child of the greatest King in the vast universe, I want to be stand out. I want to be known as somebody who is different from the rest of the society. When people see me, interact with me, I wish for them to hear the message: "I am somebody, and I am royalty; therefore, I do deserve respect." 

Christ has not limited His royal blood to only a select group of people; it is available to all who wish to have it. The only guideline is to bring others into the royal family which means that we are to dress like we are royalty, we are to act like we are royalty, and we are to have the character of our King. When others see this, they will be drawn to the presence of the Royal One; and they will be 
able to sing:

Oh, yes, oh yes, I'm a child of the King
His royal blood now flows in my veins.
And I who was wretched and poor now can sing,
"Praise God, praise God, I'm a child of the King!"  

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