Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Coping with the Way You Learn-- Part 1 of 3

     Each of us is unique. Though we are made in the image of God-- meaning that we can share some of the attributes of God, such as holiness, justice, and love-- we are made individualistically. Universal, yet individual. One Creator, different DNA in each creation.
     Because we are made differently, we will all think and learn differently also; however, because we are of the same Creator, we can generalize these different thought processes into three learning styles--  Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. Now, the three foundational aspects in the life of an everyday Christian youth are academics, spirituality, and leadership. For this reason, the suggestions given will focus on these three facets.

This week, we will focus on the visual learning style.

School Life: To succeed academically as a visual learner, you can read whatever needs to be read and then write down what you understand or grasp on colorful post-its. If you own a textbook, you can post the notes in the text book. If not, you can get a notebook for each class and use it just for sticky notes for that class.

Spiritual Life: For personal devotions, you can read an illustrated Bible, or one with lots of colorful maps so that you can track locations as you read. You can also make you own timeline or family tree as you read.

Leadership Life: When leading a group, you can show them your plans through illustration. However, you have to remember that not everyone learns the same way as you, so you might want to go through the extra effort and have a discussion on the plan (for auditory learners) and a physical example (for kinesthetic learners).

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