The Shepherd's Psalm

This is a paraphrase of the Shepherd's Psalm (Psalm 23) that I wrote back in November 2009 for a school assignment. I hope you enjoy!

God is just so awesome and sufficient that I don’t need to ask for more!

When I’m tired, He gives me rest;

When I’m hungry or thirsty, He gives me just what I need.

He puts His robe of righteousness on me so that I can obey Him.

Even when things are bad enough for me to lose my life,

I don’t need to be afraid because God is always with me

And His promise of salvation is right next to me.

God is so awesome that the people who hate me can watch me eat, but not harm me;

He shows honor to me and supplies me with all my needs right in front of them!

I am certain that God will keep loving me, forgiving me, and blessing me, even until I die;

And I know that God has given me a place in His eternal kingdom, where I will dwell with Him.


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