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Dear Homeschooling (or Almost Homeschooling) Friends,

Over the eight-plus years of homeschooling my brothers and I have enjoyed, we have discovered some handy resources. These are the ones we have come to love and appreciate the most. I have tried to select them based on their endurance (in terms of time), their solidity (the depth of curriculum), and their universal properties (meaning, you may like them too!). 

We understand though that not every curriculum works for every family. That is why I am going to ask you to please read the "Blueprint" resources as you develop or redefine your families home school curricula. You can fit the varied minds and personalities in your home without sacrificing God's everlasting principles.

I pray this is an immense blessing to you.





Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students: An original manuscript published in 1913 regarding how schools should be conducted and supported.

Education: Also an original manuscript; published in 1903. The ultimate template for any school, whether brick-and-mortar or home school.

Fundamentals of Christian Education: A compilation of the above author's writings on education. Effective for a comprehensive and all-inclusive view of her philosophy.

Loma Linda Messages: A time-resistant view of true medical education and practice.

"An Introduction for Charlotte Mason:" This article puts forth the educational philosophy of a British contemporary of Ellen White, which closely agrees with EGW's books on the subject. (In this instance, PlugIn2God only endorses the article directly linked.)


TemKit: A home school and self-learning treasury for children and teens

A Reason For: Scripture-Based Curricula published by The Concerned Group

Learning Wrap-ups: Simple, yet exciting tools

Thy Word Education: providing a complete UK Christian Home Education

Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc: Learn, Live & Defend the Faith

Sonlight Education Ministry: Homeschooling from the Bible

The Adventist Home Educator: Encouragement for SDA Homeschoolers

SDA Homeschool Families: "Where Seventh-day Adventist parents work together to raise children who reflect God's character"


The Internet Public Library: An online reference service

RefDesk: Fact Checker for the Internet

The Free Dictionary: Just as reliable as Merriam-Webster, but with fewer ads! Includes fun word puzzles, an encylopedia, and a multi-reference medical dictionary.

By Subject 


Math.com: The World of Math Online

Used Holt School Mathematics Textbooks (Grades 1-8): Ask my brothers - they love this curriculum!


Creation Illustrated: "The Christian answer to National Geographic"

ScienceMadeSimple: Science Article, easy kids science projects, and experiments

The 101 Series: An easy-to-use, understandable, visually rich high school science curriculum.

Beginning Publishings: Lab-based and homeschooler-friendly curriculum for elementary through high school.

"Science and the Bible": A chapter from Education

"The Study of Physiology": A chapter from Education


SEM Spelling Cards: Spelling Cards from a Biblical Perspective (PlugIn2God video)

Natural Method in English Series: From elementary to high school; by Goodloe Harper Bell

SDL Free Translation: Translation Made Easy

"The Powerful Influence of Reading": Blog entry taken from Harper Bell True Education Academy

"Books by Infidel Authors": Blog entry taken from Harper Bell True Education Academy

"Poetry and Song": A chapter from Education


A Walk Through Bible History Series: A Bible-based, multi-grade social studies curriculum created by PlugIn2God

"History and Prophecy": A chapter from Education

"Bible Biographies": A chapter from Education

The Great Controversy: The history of the Christian Church from A.D 70 through the time of Christ's return

The Internet History Sourcebooks Project: A collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use.

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